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Rates: Applied Behavior Analysis-Based Programs.

Tuition for ABA Programs is calculated based on the following rates:

1. Base Program Services, including facility usage, etc.      $120.00/day

2. Paraprofessional Aide                                                       $ 60.00/hr

3. Registered Behavioral Technician                                     $ 75.00/hr

4. Registered Behavioral Technician, Supervisor                  $150.00/hr

5. Board Certified Behavioral Consultant, Supervision or

   Consultation                                                                       $200.00/hr

6. Board Certified Behavioral Consultant, Direct Instruction $250.00/hr

7. Administrative Fee                                                              15% of Total

* Optional services can be provided to children enrolled in an ABA program.

Extended School Year and Extended School Day are charged separately.

Rates: Supplemental

a. SLP (Speech and Language Pathologist)                    $150/hr

b. OT (Occupational Therapist)                                         $150/hr

c. PT (Physical Therapist)                                                 $150/hr

d. PCD (Psychotherapy Consult, Direct)                           $150/hr

e. SN (Skilled Nursing)                                                      $  85/hr

f. MM (Medication Management)                                       $100/hr

g. ASL (American Sign Language Interpreter)                   $100/hr

h. 1:1 Tutoring                                                                    $  65/h

i. Parent Education                                                             $150/hr

j. Transportation                                                                 $ TBD

k. Extended School Year                                                    $198/Day

l. Extended School day                                                       $ 30/hr

m. Functional Behavioral Assessment                                $2000

n. Other Assessments                                                         $ TBD